Astral Dynamics is looking for an enthusiastic, talented developer to join us over the summer. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about developing modern web applications, using ES6/Babel, React, Flux, NodeJS, GitHub and Travis CI. If you want, we’ll also cover your food and accommodation whilst you work with us.

You’ll work with our developers to learn the basics and complete a few mini-projects to get you up to speed, then you’ll join us to work on production code for our platforms.

The position would be very flexible and we’re very happy to discuss the dates you’d be joining us for. Want three day weekends? That’s fine by us. Need Wednesdays off? No problem!


  • Solid experience with at least one programming language
  • Some experience with Javascript and web technologies
  • A sense of adventure


  • Experience with React + Flux
  • Experience with unit testing
  • Experience with Linux/OSX

If you’re interested in joining our team, then use the link below to fill in an application. We take all applicants through a short online code screen where we’ll ask a really basic programming question, just to check that you can code (think fizzbuzz, not implement a red-black tree). If we’re happy at this stage, then we’ll take you out for lunch to see whether you’d be a good fit for our team.

If at any point you want to ask questions, just contact us.

Sounds like you?

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